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Respiratory diseases impose a tremendous health burden on Indian patients. In India, as in other industrializing countries, rising pollution and changes in lifestyle contribute to increased levels of respiratory disease. One of the most prevalent respiratory diseases in India is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Estimates predicted that by 2016, about 5.9M people in urban areas 16.3M people in rural areas in India will suffer from COPD. Other major emerging health problems in the region are asthma, interstitial lung disease (ILD), pneumonia, tuberculosis (TB), respiratory allergies, occupational lung diseases and bronchial hypertension.

A recent study of 85,000 men and 84,500 women from 12 urban and 11 rural sites reported the prevalence of chronic bronchitis to be 3.49% (4.29% in males and 2.7% in females) in adults >35 years. Other studies show that pulmonary fibrosis accounts for 15% of all cases seen by pulmonary physicians. Lastly, India has the highest rate of death due to respiratory diseases in the world, where respiratory cases rose by 5 million from 2012 alone.

Excel Life Sciences (ELS) has significant experience in running and supporting clinical trials for respiratory diseases in India. In fact, ELS has one of the largest networks of investigative sites and investigators in India, including some of the country’s leading investigators and centers treating respiratory diseases. Using our databases of detailed site information, demographics and epidemiology data we can quickly determine if India is the right fit for your study.

In addition, ELS can quickly mobilize a team of experienced project managers to conduct a study feasibility analysis and determine the appropriate sites and availability of patients. We have significant experience in the area of pulmonary / respiratory, and we are confident that we can assist you with your next study.

We ensure that respiratory clinical trials are conducted according to ICH-GCP guidelines and meet the highest standards of ethics and integrity.