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Prevalence for ocular diseases in India is generally similar to global conditions. In some conditions such as vision impairment, the prevalence is significantly higher. Estimated number of people visually impaired in India is approximately 51 million or 18% of the worldwide 285 million.

As a developing country, India has many diseases and conditions in this therapeutic area. The prevalence of diseases leading to blindness in India is extremely high. There are approximately about 15 million blind people in India. The leading causes of blindness in India are Cataract (55%), Refractive errors (19%), Glaucoma (4%) and Corneal Pathology (7%). It is estimated that due to population growth and increased longevity, by 2020 there will be approximately 14 million blind people in India.

Other indications seen include Dry Eye, Anterior Uveitis and Necrotizing Retinosis. Yet other common forms of the diseases under ophthalmology are strabismus, amblyopia, congenital glaucoma, congenital cataracts and trauma.

Excel Life Sciences (ELS) has developed one of the most experienced and sophisticated networks of ophthalmology investigators and investigative sites in India. Each has deep access to a large and diverse patient pool and sees more than 300 new patients every month.

Using our databases of detailed site information, demographics and epidemiology data we can quickly determine if India is the right fit for your study. In addition, ELS can quickly mobilize a team of experienced project managers to conduct a study feasibility analysis and determine the appropriate sites and availability of patients. We have conducted a number of studies in the area of ophthalmology and we are confident that we can assist you with your next study.

We ensure that clinical trials in ophthalmology are conducted according to ICH-GCP guidelines and meet the highest standards of ethics and integrity.