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Excel Life Sciences has developed one of the largest networks of investigators and investigative sites. It is important to understand that we select only the most qualified and experienced clinicians and institutions. These investigators and sites undergo a rigorous review process that includes examination of 150+ data points and each is expected to comply with three critical areas – QUALITY, ETHICS & PERFORMANCE.

On an ongoing basis, our study coordinators and project management teams visit, review and evaluate new clinicians and sites to be added to the network. This due diligence process does not end once a site has been accepted into the network, but is a continuous process with constant re-evaluation.

Some facts about the ELS network:

  • ELS helps excellent physicians become successful investigators.
  • Over 900 research centres and hospitals nationwide; and nearly 1,500 investigators.
  • Over 150 data points are collected and evaluated for each site.
  • ELS investigative sites are located in more than 20 cities across India.
  • Sites specializing in more than 11 therapeutic areas.
  • Each site is supported by a full-time ELS research coordinator.
  • ELS managed sites have undergone successful US FDA & EMA inspections.

22+ Operational Locations

900+ Hospitals Network

Over 1,500+ investigators in various therapeutic areas


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