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Excel Life Sciences (ELS) is a US-based, India-focused provider of comprehensive clinical trial management services. ELS is built around passionate and experienced individuals working alongside our clients to accelerate clinical research and delivery of new drugs and medical devices to the markets, while maintaining high standards of quality. We are also committed to improving and expanding the clinical research enterprise, evident through our presentations at industry conferences, publishing in industry trade magazines and journals and through visiting professorship at academic institutions.

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The study feasibility is an integral and critical initial step in the conduct of any clinical trial. ELS facilitates this initial step by a well organized, systematic and detailed process.

Site Selection

As the number of clinical trials conducted in India continues to increase at a rapid pace, so does the need for qualified investigators and site staff to conduct those studies.


The regulatory landscape in India is complex and dynamic. Over the last few years alone, there have been more than 25 changes that have occurred in local and national regulations related to the conduct of clinical trials.

Site Management

Site Management Services from Excel Life Sciences help take the burden off investigators planning to do clinical trials in India so that they can focus on the patient, and ensure that the study is conducted at the highest standards of quality, ethics and performance.


Given the dynamic nature of the clinical research industry, training for both new and experienced clinical research professionals is a critical component of any drug development program. This is especially important in India because of the relatively young age of the industry.


Whether it’s needing information and advice regarding the regulatory landscape and operating environment in India, identifying partners for manufacturing, formulation development, licensing, or establishing new operations, Excel Life Sciences has the expertise and track-record to help you do it successfully.