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Modern technology in clinical research

As the world looks at various improvements and challenges everyday on a wide array of subjects, improvements in technology is what catches everybody’s attention in no time. Technology – in terms of developing new devices and machines, or improving the functionality of existing devices and machines, and writing new computer codes – has influenced the […]

Patient safety in clinical trials

Clinical trials are research studies done to analyze the safety and efficacy of a drug, treatment or device on humans. It requires participation of both patients and healthy individuals. Results obtained from clinical trials help to determine what treatment is best for patients with a specific medical condition, and if it is associated with any […]

Common challenge to patient participation in clinical trials

Enrolling and retaining patients in a clinical trial is a challenge. Here we discuss the challenge to patient recruitment and how a site management organization can help you with better patient participation for your clinical research. Common challenge to patient participation in clinical trials Ever wondered why enrolling and retaining patients in a clinical trial is a […]

Four Trends From the Future of Drug Clinical Trials

Drug clinical trials are complex, prolonged and most importantly expensive – The Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development states that it takes 2.5 billion USD to bring a drug successfully into the market. This multibillion dollar industry is witnessing some slow and steady changes. Read on to find out what is in store […]