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Streamlining regulatory approvals in India

Relaxation and modification of the regulations to streamline regulatory approvals in India India has grown steadily as a preferred hub for conducting clinical trials. Thanks to the amendments made through the years to the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Drugs and Cosmetics Rules. What is the Drugs and Cosmetics Act? The Drugs and Cosmetics Act […]

Modern technology in clinical research

As the world looks at various improvements and challenges everyday on a wide array of subjects, improvements in technology is what catches everybody’s attention in no time. Technology – in terms of developing new devices and machines, or improving the functionality of existing devices and machines, and writing new computer codes – has influenced the […]

Clinical research has a bright future in India

Clinical trials guidelines and laws in India have recently been revised. The new updates make the approval process quicker, more predictable, and as per global norms. This has improved the future of global clinical trials in India. Last year has been particularly exciting for the Indian pharmaceutical market. With a compound annual growth rate of […]

5 Solutions to Avoid In Order to Ensure Recruitment Efforts Don’t Fail

Despite the heavy spending in patient recruitment, many sites often have trouble while finding the right patients for clinical trials. When the enrolment goals for a particular trial aren’t met, it can lead to delays in the trial and cost a lot of extra money as well. Avoiding the following 5 mistakes can ensure effective […]