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Streamlining regulatory approvals in India

Relaxation and modification of the regulations to streamline regulatory approvals in India India has grown steadily as a preferred hub for conducting clinical trials. Thanks to the amendments made through the years to the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Drugs and Cosmetics Rules. What is the Drugs and Cosmetics Act? The Drugs and Cosmetics Act […]

Modern technology in clinical research

As the world looks at various improvements and challenges everyday on a wide array of subjects, improvements in technology is what catches everybody’s attention in no time. Technology – in terms of developing new devices and machines, or improving the functionality of existing devices and machines, and writing new computer codes – has influenced the […]

All you Wanted to Know about The Phases of Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are conducted to evaluate the safety and efficacy of new drugs, biologics, or medical devices. Before the study is undertaken on human subjects, it is tested in laboratories and on animals. If the investigational product is found safe and efficacious in the preclinical testing, it is further approved for studies on human subjects […]

How Research Firms Can Streamline Drug Studies

By definition a clinical trial is a study performed with patients in order to evaluate the effects, risks and benefits of a new drug or medication. Participants have to meet certain criteria in order to participate in such trials as the drug is typically designed to work against a particular disease or condition. There are […]

Partner with Research Company for New Drug Development

Clinical trials are a key component in the development of any new drug. Therefore, great emphasis is placed on validating their accuracy, ensuring that they meet regulatory standards and monitoring the patients undergoing clinical trials. This requires the proper amount of manpower and expertise so that all the areas are addressed, but unfortunately this does […]